You are not alone

Though menopause is different for everyone, sometimes it’s comforting to know it’s also the same.

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The symptoms of menopause can often take you by surprise. They are, however, all fairly common and well recognised. The most widely recognised is of course the dreaded hot flush, but in addition to the physical aspects you may also experience mental anxiety and insomnia.

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Impact on work life

Dealing with the symptoms of menopause is difficult enough without also having to do so with in the context of a working life. The social taboo of talking about menopause also contributes to the stress, as many of us are unlikely to tell our employer the real reason for having to take days off.

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Another quiet night in

Many women find a similar impact on their social lives, unwilling to go out as much, feeling socially awkward and then getting stuck in a cycle of loneliness and isolation.

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Not tonight

This may well be the least surprising statistic! The physical and mental symptoms of the menopause naturally extend into your sex life as well.

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Little wonder

All of which of course feeds in to your relationship with your partner as well. Our advice? Keep them informed, tell them how you’re feeling, let them learn along with you.