BBC Breakfast "Wake up to menopause' - Roundup

BBC Breakfast dedicated a week to discussing and talking openly about menopause. That week was last week, Monday 13th May- Friday 17th May 2019. This is a fantastic initiative, aimed at raising awareness and educating women (and men) about menopause. And BBC Breakfast covered every aspect of menopause including;

  • Menopause signs and symptoms

  • Premature menopause

  • Early menopause

  • Peri-menopause

  • Surgical menopause

  • Menopause in the workplace

  • GPs and menopause

  • Pelvic floor & menopause

  • Family & menopause

  • Exercise & menopause

Throughout the entire week, almost every aspect of menopause has been discussed. So the clips below make for interesting viewing for anyone who missed them or who wants to know more about menopause, symptoms and treatment.

  1. Discovering menopause, early menopause & treatment

  2. Louise Minch shares her menopausal journey

  3. Stereotypes and menopause

  4. Health Tips & menopause

  5. Meg Matthews & Anais Galagher discus menopause & family

  6. Tips to improve your bone density ahead of & during menopause

  7. Tips on how to improve your pelvic floor

  8. Could testosterone replacement therapy help some menopausal women

  9. 59% of working women between 45 & 55 say menopause has had a negative effect on them at work

  10. Find out what’s being done in Scotland to help women in the menopause

  11. Annabelle is 15 & is going through premature menopause

Happy viewing! I certainly found it educational, I hope you do too!

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