What our patients say

The Menopause Hub exists for one reason - to help women navigate the journey through menopause as easily and as confidently as possible. It’s always nice to know that we’ve made a difference. It’s even nicer, though when you tell us that we have. So here are some of the things that our patients have to say about us.

“The Menopause Hub turned my life around and helped me so much. I can’t thank both Loretta and Dr Deirdre for listening and setting me on the right road!”

‘What can I say about the Menopause Hub?

In April of this year (2019) I thought I was going crazy, I couldn't sleep at night with the dreadful night sweats,I couldn't wear my favorite clothes because I had put on weight. I was moody , down in the dumps and I got to the stage I really didn't like myself. The last thing I want was Sex and I had severe vaginal dryness. I had done all the natural herbal remedies, stopped eating anything that would make my symptoms worse to no avail, I was so against taking HRT. I went to my GP and she advised my to go to the Menopause Hub.

Well from the moment I contacted the Menopause Hub, I was treated with respect, professionalism and Kindness. I contacted the Menopause Hub on line and Loretta the founder of the Menopause hub, gave me a call, she listened so intently. I went to my first appointment and met the wonderful Dr. Deirdre Ford, she listened to me and made all the usual checks and gave me excellent advice.

I started on HRT and within two weeks my symptoms started to reduce, by the time I started on my second packet of HRT my Menopause symptoms were gone. I cannot believe that within three months I am back to my old self. I have more energy and vitality the number of people who told me I look amazing and asked about my face creams is evidence of how much HRT has helped me with the Menopause. Plus my interest in sex has returned much the the joy of my husband.

I cannot thank the wonderful Loretta and Dr. Ford enough, there should be an altar build to these two wonderful ladies.

Keep the good work up Menopause Hub, thanks from a very happy client.

‘Walking into the Menopause Hub for the first time, I was kind of nervous as I had been to doctors with different symptoms over the years but not really being understood. I need not have worried at all as the minute I walked through the door, Loretta greeted me with such kindness and a wonderful smile. I already felt at ease and was much calmer when I went into see the doctor. The doctor was very informative and understanding and after all initial health checks I was given my HRT.

Three months on I can honestly say I have my life back. It’s has been the best decision I have ever made finding this Gem of a place in Dublin. Even going back for my three month checkup i had the same wonderful greeting by Loretta and Dr Deirdre Forde. They have even added special touches in the waiting room with a lovely cooling fan and iced cooled lemon and mint water. Will definitely recommend highly. Thanks Menopause Hub !!!’

“I had my first appointment with the Menopause Hub in May. My only regret is that I did not visit them earlier.
I was suffering extreme hot flushes and night sweats - they were so bad that I was very limited in what I could do. I didn’t feel comfortable meeting friends socially or going out with my husband as the hot flushes were so frequent that I was guaranteed to be dripping sweat and be uncomfortable without having exerted myself in any way. The sweats at night had me getting in and out of bed - tossing the quilt on and off. Sleep became a distant memory. I am blessed that my husband was so supportive. I know he found it difficult as he felt powerless and unable to do anything to make it easier and I’m sure that at times it was not easy as when I couldn’t sleep and tossed and turned all night it affected him too.
I found the doctors at the Menopause Hub listened to me and understood exactly how I was feeling. My own GP would not prescribe HRT for me and even prescribed a mild antidepressant to help my sleep. I was not depressed - just frustrated.
My visit to the Hub was a great experience - you will see a doctor who understands and empathizes with what you are enduring and will after reviewing a full medical history make a judgement on what HRT option will suit you best if they feel that you are suitable.
To say I feel better is an understatement. I feel I now have a life again - all my symptoms are under control and I feel great.
If you are suffering from any of the many symptoms of menopause and feel you need some help I would definitely recommend a visit.”

“I contacted the Menopause Hub, with the blessing of my GP, who had the good grace to admit he was not an expert on all things menopause.

He had prescribed me oral HRT, which had given me some relief from my symptoms, but I wanted and needed more, and found it under the expert care of the doctors at The Menopause Hub.I was immediately put at ease by Loretta, who is so approachable and understanding. GP practices are so busy now, and under increasing pressure, it was lovely to attend a practice devoted to women and their specific needs.I am delighted with the results, and feel that my concerns have been addressed. I was treated with kindness and respect, in a pleasing environment, and am feeling like myself again. I found it surprisingly easy to discuss embarrassing symptoms, like vaginal irritation/dryness, lack of libido, urinary tract infections, and was given solutions to all my complaints.

There is help available, I wholeheartedly advise taking the first step and calling/emailing The Menopause Hub.”

“I have to say, it is the best money I have ever spent. From the very start, everyone was very helpful, very professional and extremely nice. I’m due back in 3 months for a review. i can’t wait to start my treatment.”

“I visited my GP a couple of times with general symptoms of “I just don’t feel right”. My Vitamin D levels were normal, my hormone levels came back ok, my thyroid results were also fine, but I still didn’t feel right. I started taking an SSRI & felt a bit better, but still not great. I returned again to my GP, feeling like a hypochondriac at that stage & the SSRI was changed to an SNRI which seemed more effective & did improve my mood.

But as I started to feel better I had the dawning realisation that the hot flushes, the severe night sweats & the sudden blanking out of words & memory problems that I’d had for the last year had to be menopause related (I was 45 at that point). I did feel stupid that it took me so long to recognise it. After speaking to my mum who told me of her long symptomatic menopause years & my dad (who was a GP before he retired), I decided to do something proactive about my symptoms. My own GP has been very good over the years, but I really wanted to see someone with expertise in the menopause area.

I did some investigation & came across the Menopause Hub. I was impressed by the website & the level of information provided online so I booked an appointment.
Loretta has set up a great service for women. I’ve had consultations with the doctors there and am now 4 months on HRT with a massive improvement in how I feel. I can honestly describe it as feeling like me again. If any of this strikes a chord with you - I’d recommend that you book an appointment - you won’t regret it!”

“After numerous failed GP visits where I was diagnosed with everything from anxiety to depression and being put onto antidepressants I found The Menopause Hub. All I got here was care, support and understanding as well as relevant medication!!! If you even 'think' you might be perimenopausal or even in the height of the menopause I can't recommend these enough. Get down to them, you won't be sorry!”

"I have been suffering for the past year, year and a half with menopause symptoms, but maybe because I am in my 40's my GP didn't pay great attention, despite my several attempts in looking for help. So did some research and I came across with The Menopause Hub. I am so glad I did, approximately 10 days after I was feeling much better, I was sleeping again!!! Loretta was so helpful since my first contact with the clinic and the doctor was amazing, full of knowledge and explaining everything so well. I highly recommend The Menopause Hub to all the women who are suffering with menopause.”

“I just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone in The Menopause Hub. I met Loretta and the lovely doctor. Lots of advice and help. Would highly recommend anyone who is suffering to ring Loretta in the Hub. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. Don’t suffer in silence as there is lots of help in the clinic. Well done Loretta and her team! No need to suffer in silence, life is too short.”

“I would like to say that the experience I had at The Menopause Hub was amazing. I had been going to my doctor for years and got no help. Within three weeks of my first visit to the Hub I was a different person and now have such a great quality of life. Thank God for it!”

“What a breath of fresh air to connect with these great ladies, Loretta and Deirdre, at this stage of my life. Menopause is finally so understood by an expert in the field. Most women don’t really want to talk about their symptoms and hope they’ll eventually go away, which they will no doubt. Why wait for years in this discomfort with sleep deprivation, overheating and mood swings, when there are doctors there to offer such professional, personal help in an open communicative way. Why suffer in silence? “

“I’m so delighted that I visited the Hub after only a few months in Perimenopause. I wasn’t prepared to put up with these horrible symptoms and I was strongly advised to visit an expert in the field, by my son, who is a doctor." 

After all we’d visit a specialist in other fields if we needed to, so why not visit an expert in the Menopause and Women’s Health field.

I’ve got my Active Healthy life back. Thank you so much ladies”

“I have been suffering the past 3-4 years with symptoms but as I am in my early 40,s my doctor didn’t want to put me on any treatments or really entertain the idea of the menopause. I really felt alone, exhausted  and was looking for some expertise advice. I found that in the menopause hub. The doctor is so knowledgable, kind and understanding, I am now on treatment and feeling so much better. Thank you”

“Wow – the old me is coming back….. The Menopause Hub really do understand – for anyone, like me, who has struggled with symptoms of low energy, weight gain, aches and pains etc., etc.,  having seen the doctor at The Menopause Hub I now feel that someone understands, that sometimes the symptoms are not in your head!”   

“I’m a doctor myself and I cannot praise highly enough the empathy and knowledge of the menopause hub. I had gone to my own GP practice (who are generally excellent) at different times in the past year with symptoms of menopause (mood swings, weight gain, insomnia) and neither of the doctors I saw were keen to treat these as menopause symptoms,  despite my enquiries. I didn’t have hot flushes and I feel that my other symptoms were not regarded as significant enough to be menopausal because of that. An antidepressant was suggested by one. I had bloods done which showed normal hormone levels but I know now that at my age, the levels fluctuate hugely from day to day, and inside this is part of the cause of the symptoms. At the menopause hub, the doctor was sure that these symptoms were those of menopause and the I would benefit from HRT. She was extremely knowledgeable about the different products and could answer all my questions about the pros and cons, how long should I take it, etc. I felt the benefit of the HRT within weeks, with improved sleep, improved mood, improved clarity of thought which has really improved work and home life. The benefits have exceeded all my expectations. The menopause hub has huge expertise in this area of medicine and I am so glad I decided to make an appointment.”

“Your clinic & team are a much needed breath of fresh air regarding menopause in Ireland.”

“I feel blessed to be symptom free and am so thrilled that I heard Loretta on the radio a few months ago and made the call that has resulted in a much better quality of life.”

“I would recommend the menopause hub to anyone who wants to receive the highest quality of care in a professional yet caring environment.”

“Fantastic to meet such an enlightened doctor as those at The Menopause Hub!”