Menopause Magnets in my underwear....and other alternative treatment

Once the menopause symptoms started, the narrative started running in my head, ‘HRT is not an option, because a) it causes breast cancer, b) makes you put on weight around the middle and c) strong women don’t ‘give in’ to HRT and I am a strong woman.

Where did I get that narrative from? The ether! I had picked up bits and pieces of info over the years and made up my own little story abut HRT. I must add here that all the thoughts that I had about HRT are urban myths. But more about that later, in my next blog.

So, in order to treat my hot flushes, I read up about them on Dr Google, and started to make some suggested lifestyle changes; cut down on hot drinks, so I reduce my tea intake (much to my disappointment ‘cause I love my cup of Barry’s), cut back on alcohol, especially wine (I don’t even drink that much, a couple of glasses of wine at the weekends), increase my excercise, I open my bedroom window further at night. Then guess what, NOTHING! No change in the volume or intensity of hot flushes.

Next stop, the health food shop. I’m offered Sage, which I’m told is highly effective in reducing hot flushes. So I start on the Sage. Then guess what, NOTHING! No improvement in the hot flushes. But I keep taking it, hoping it will kick in soon. Soon I am mainlining Sage. Still NOTHING!

Next, it’s off to the Chinese herbal folk. Dong Quai is recommended to name as. highly effective. I start taking the capsules. Guess what…yes you’ve guessed it, NOTHING! No improvement.

Next, I tried black cohosh and valerian root, separately of course. I got some relief, initially, from the black cohosh, but who knows if it was the placebo effect. Anyway, needless to say that the flushes came back after a very brief reprieve.

Next, the pièce de resistance….the magnets from Boots Pharmacy. I read about them online, and immediately made a purchase. I skipped out of Boots, €35 lighter, thrilled that I had a solution. I did get some relief, much to my own surprise! Although, I was concerned about going through security at the airport, would I beep like a car alarm going off? But the instructions say no need to worry. I then swam, forgetting to take the magnet off. Water is verboten, so I ran out and bought another new magnet! Whether it was the placebo effect or the magnets really do work, I did get relief for a couple of weeks. Then the hot flashes came back with a vengeance! Every time I went to the supermarket (which is very regularly, btw) and basket shopped, the metal basked went whoosh and stuck to my magnet in my knickers! Lovely!

Now, I’m told that some of the above work for women. If that’s the case, that’s great. I’m delighted for you. But they did not work for me. Cost me a few quid and wasted a lot of my time. The only proper relief that I got was when I found the right HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for me.

I hope that I have helped to shortcut your research, your wallet, your time and your health by sharing my ‘alternative treatment’ journey with you!